Dar’s Darlings are honored to present to you From the Heart, a weekly column published in the Mt. Greenwood Express by our amazing aunt, Kathy Whirity. Each year she publishes a very special article featuring the Frosty Walk.

Read below to fall in love with her articles, written to remind readers of exactly what our event is about: celebrating the life of a beautiful women, our Mom, Darlene Frost.

We hope you enjoy them as much as we do!


By: Kathy Whirity


This is the 9th year that I will be writing about the Frosty Walk. You may remember the story. In 2002, at just 39 years old, my husband’s youngest sister, Darlene, lost her battle with cancer, but not without a courageous fight.

Her four daughters ranged in age from 4 years old to 12 years old when they said good bye to their Mom. In 2009, seven years after their mother’s passing, the girls were looking for a way to honor their mother in a productive way, and they found it thanks to great advice from older cousins,

The first Frosty Walk was held in February of 2009. Family, friends and caring participants shivered their way around Mt. Greenwood park and then hustled over to TR”s  pub for a thaw out party. It would be an event to celebrate the memory of their Mom while raising money for a good cause.. And it was a huge success! That first year’s proceeds were donated to thyroid cancer research. Each year thereafter the crowds grew larger and larger, so large in fact that the Frosty Walk was moved to Brother Rice high school. This is now where the fund raising continues while remembering a wife and mother taken much too soon. The Frost girls have since partnered with the Mulliganeers, donating all funds to help families who need financial assistance when dealing with sick children in need of medical care. It is proven to be a perfect match.

In closing, I would like to share a poem I wrote in loving memory of my sister-in-law, Darlene Frost.



She’s been your family’s angel since she knocked on Heaven’s door,

So beautiful and funny, a mother you all adore.

Sixteen years have passed since you’ve seen her smiling face,

missing is her laughter and her warm and loving embrace.

The only thing small about this feisty mother was her size,

She was bigger than life, beautiful, feisty and wise

For the passed 9 years four daughters continue to  persevere,

always ready and willing to serve and volunteer

Daughters who are now young women who are grown,

successful and strong, building lives of their own

Their Mom smiles down from her Heavenly home above,

and all they have to do is think of her to feel the love.

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